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Adena Aguilar

Videographer & Editor

Her filmmaking journey began when she was very young, which started off with making simple videos on her phone. The more she began to experiment with editing, the more her passion grew. During high school she dove deeper into understanding the technical side of film and was able to meet many advanced filmmakers within her advance video production program.

As she expanded her creative abilities, she feel in love with the pre and post-production process of filmmaking. But as an editor, she sees herself as the gatekeeper of the story and one who can bring the film to life.

Her experience as a freelance filmmaker, film student and team leader at her church as a lead creative has allowed her learn more about the art and trade of film. Working in different areas of film has allowed her to grow as a skilled film artist who has create a wide range of films as a director, producer, editor or cinematographer. She has directed and produced film productions on live sets and acquired plenty of leadership experience.


Adena Aguilar
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